Professional Development Intensives (PDI)

Sunday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, FREE All-Conference Event

Amanda Rose Villareal

Amanda Rose Villareal 

Building a Consent-Based Space: Intro to Theatrical Intimacy Education”

This Professional Development Intensive introduces the basics of Theatrical Intimacy Education’s Best Practices for establishing a consent-based creative culture with youth. Participants will discuss the evolving definitions of intimacy and how power dynamics and lived experiences broaden our understandings of “intimacy” and applications of consent to personal boundaries beyond physical touch. Participants will be invited to participate in movement-based activities as we explore methods for teaching consent, self-care cues, and boundary establishment, and we will introduce a few useful ingredients of intimacy choreography.


Amanda Rose Villarreal

As an intimacy specialist, Amanda Rose uses consent-based practices and de-loaded communication to support directors’ artistic visions while maintaining performers’ boundaries. She is an Associate Faculty with Theatrical Intimacy Education and serves as editor of the Journal of Consent-Based Performance, guiding emerging scholarship in the field of intimacy and consent-based practices. In the past year, they have worked as an immersive intimacy specialist with Sinking Ship Productions in NYC (The Job Opportunity; Project Ascension; the Rite) and Geffen Playhouse in LA (Every Brilliant Thing), and their intimacy choreography has featured in productions at Pasadena Playhouse (Uncle Vanya, Sanctuary City, and A Little Night Music) and Geffen Playhouse (Inheritance Part 1 and Part 2, POTUS) in LA. They also founded the Rocky Mountain Artists’ Safety Alliance and developed the Colorado Theatre Standards, guidelines for leveling power imbalances and protecting participants within creative processes.