Special Events

CETA is pleased to provide a variety of special events. Be sure to check back often for updates!

President’s Welcome

Upon arrival, join us for a special reception with CETA President Krista Elhai and the CETA Board to welcome you in style!  Our beautiful setting will help you relax and inspire your creativity.

Exhibitor’s Wine Tasting Reception

Meet our wonderful exhibitors and learn all they have to offer to enhance your classroom and teaching. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample local wines from A Taste of Monterey on Friday evening.

Keynote Speaker: Tappan Wilder

Our Keynote Speaker is Tappan Wilder, Thornton Wilder’s nephew and  literary executor and manager of his uncle’s intellectual property.  Thornton Wilder left  a great literary legacy to theatre educators everywhere, including Our Town, The Skin of Our Teeth, The Matchmaker and so many more.  Tappan Wilder will speak on Thornton Wilder in the 21st Century on Saturday morning. For more on Mr. Wilder, click here.

Speed Play Date

This is your chance to learn about the plays that other educators are excited about. In this rapid exchange based on “speed dating,” you’ll connect with dozens of educators and walk away with great ideas to explore over the weekend.

CETA Awards

Join us for this special dinner celebrating individuals and organizations that have made an important contribution to educational theatre! We are currently accepting nominations for this year’s awards. Submission deadline is August 25th.  Click here to read more.

Play Date Play Exchange

In this all-conference event, educators will share their favorite plays and musicals for both the stage and the classroom!  This will be a unique opportunity to peruse scripts and hear success stories or plays that work for your grade level.

Hospitality Bonfire

Conversation continues around the bonfire after the CETA Awards on Saturday!  Come wind down with s’mores and beverages.

Play Station

A return of a conference favorite! Discover new plays in this late-night presentation of scene readings, performed by conference attendees!

Networking Lunches

We’ll have two networking lunches–one to gather by level (elementary, secondary, higher ed), and one to gather by region.  More ways to make great connections!

New Teacher Mentoring

We’ll have a special session for new theatre educators to orient them to CETA, plus all of the opportunities in the state, including festivals, organizations and more.  CETA will also provide connections between new educators with experienced mentors.


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